ArcGis wont create contours from DD Geotiff

I have downloaded the Elevation Geotiff, and imported it into Arc (following the instructions from DD)
When I use 3D analyst tools/raster surface to create contours, it will only contour down to what I assume is zero elevation from the geotiff. As I am trying to map a small open pit mine, I need the pit contours.
I can see the detail in the geotiff that I need, But i cant get Arc to contour it.
I have tried various different settings and different downloads from DD, but nothing makes a difference.
Any ideas?

Hi @Warwick_Anderson,

Are you aware we have contour export available that will give you a geolocated contour in SHP or DXF format? That is the easiest way to get contour data exports.


You can have the coutour in ArcGis by exporting the point cloud in .LAS format. You need to creat a .LAS dataset in Arc Tool box to be able to see it in ArcGis.