App won't recognize camera during preflight check


Hi @Crusader7,

This sounds like an issue with the cord connecting the tablet to the remote control. I would recommend trying a different cord and also inspecting the USB connection to the back of the remote to make sure it isn’t damaged.

It would also be a good idea to delete the DD app and re-install the app so you know that you are running the latest version of the app.


Thanks @zach1

I will try. The cable was used previously so unless the drone deploy app has a requirement for a special cable I don’t see why it would suddenly cause the camera to remain undetected. In any case I will check for damage and try a new one.

The DD app is the latest, downloaded and installed on 2nd April 2018


Hello I am also having this problem. I started the trial a few weeks ago, 1st 2 missions worked fine. Since then the checklist always fails on the camera saying “test photo failed” if I “fly anyway” there are no photos after the mission completes. I’m running the latest firmware on my mavic, IOS 11.2 on my Ipad and the latest version of DD from the App Store. I’ve also confirmed that my SD ram card is “type 10” as recommended. I can fly via the Go App which takes pictures and videos without any problems and records them on my SD Ram card.


Hi @JonWalter,

Sorry to hear you were unable to capture images on your recent mission. Can you confirm that you reformatted your SD card prior to the flight?

In the event that the camera checklist fails to capture the test image, we recommend recycling power on your drone, controller, and the device you’re using to clear out any conflicts. You might also consider resetting your camera settings (option is next to reformat SD card in DJI Go). Please give these steps a try and let us know if the problem persists. Sorry for the trouble!

Thank you,