App slows then freezes in flight since update

Phantom 4 Standard, iPad Mini 4
Since the last update, I’m having problems with the flight planning app. During flight, the app starts slowing down while tracking the drone. Its location and status (like battery, photos taken, distance) start lagging behind. The longer the flight, the more it starts to lag, until it becomes totally unresponsive. The live video feed stays active, and current. The only button that works is return to home. The drone continues to follow the flight plan as expected.

I tried 3 flights since the update, and they all slowed and froze. Before the last flight, I uninstalled all apps from my DD dashboard, deleted and reinstalled the app, and restarted the iPad. No change.

Anybody have any ideas to fix this? Is there a way to install an old version? All my missions require multiple batteries, and I can’t fly if the app crashes after the first launch.


I have noticed the same thing the last two days. I use a parabolic antenna on the P4P so it’s not so bad, but previously I have had zero issues up to 2500ft away. The screen flickers like it is losing video, but I think the new interface is collecting more data and causing the lag that you mentioned.

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My video is the only thing that works well. Everything else lags, and eventually locks up.

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I submitted a support request because of this a few weeks back.
I’m having the exact same issues.
According to the app, my drone was only on the 3 lines of the mission out of 8.
Suddenly I hear the drone overhead and the controller is beeping as it’s coming in for a landing.
The drone completed the mission but the app said I was less than half done.

My image transmission was garbage as well.
Very slow and very choppy.

I was told by support that it was because I’m using an IPad mini 2.

I’ve never had a single issue before this update.
However, I placed a purchase requisition for an IPad mini 5.
Hopefully, that will be good for a while.

In the meantime, I’ve been using the pix4d flight app.
I’m a full-time drone pilot and also require multi-battery missions daily.

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I agree on the Mini 2, but also that this happened with the last update. I’m surprised your Mini 2 has lasted this long. I had to switch a while back because it was always overheating, but I guess that depends on where you are.

Are multi-battery missions not working for you?

I gave up trying to fly any missions with the D.D app once the update.
Im up in Northern Ontario Canada.
Its been -15 C here since October 1 lol.

I have 3 Phantom 4 Pro’s and a Phantom 4 RTK.
Since the update, I have been using the Pix4d Capture app for all missions. (I have a lifetime license to Pix4d as well, but the capture app is free for all to use)

The P4 RTK uses its own DJI Mission app - which is absolutely horrible.

So if your in a pinch, I suggest you create a Pix4d account - free
Download the Pix4d Capture app - free,
login once while connected to wifi, before heading out to the field
and use that for your missions until there is a D.D. app fix.

Honestly, there is no significant difference between the two apps.
The interface is of course different but they both do the same thing.


I’ve experiencing freeze with Iphone (6 i guess, maybe it’s the trouble) like @LabellaRVA said.

Switched to Android phone and all smooth (even have video feedback, wich i don’t on iphone), maybe it haven’t update yet…

@Macenroe82 (Hi fellow cold flyer) So far cold is only an issue with my apple products, it doesn’t like it bellow -5, but no trouble with DD on android.


Just had similar laggin/freezing issues this Tuesday (12/4/2019) running DJI Inspire 1 v2, iPad Air (1st gen), running up-to-date iOS 12.4.3, and running DD version 4.0.0. As DD support normal does, they bring up that we’re using an unsupported and older iPad and that this could cause these types of issues. However, the previous version (3.6) was running just fine so maybe we should have a way to revert back to a previous version until bug issues like this get resolved. As for you using supported devices, I’m not sure why your having the exact same issues we are. Good luck to y’all.

Will add that DD support is always kind and we appreciate their time in logging our issues and sending it up to Engineers and others to look into our issues.

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Glad to know I’m not the only one. To make you guys feel better, my iPad Mini 4 is still on the recommended list, and it has the problem. So hopefully a solution will be coming soon!

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same here. I have the iPad mini 4 and everything is up to date. I was unable to complete my last mission due to lagging and finally freezing up.

For the people that are freezing and particularly crashing, what specific version of iOS are you running. I have stayed one update back and have only experienced lag. No full freezing or crashes.

Let’s try to keep this in this thread.

iPad mini 4, Phantom 4, Dronedeploy 4.0.0, iOS 13.2.3

I had the same issue on a previous version of iOS (not sure which one), and updating helped a tiny bit, but it still lags and freezes before I finish a battery.


Flew twice today and had stuttering feed several times on both flights. Never crashed so I put it in this thread instead of the other. I updated the iPad to 13.3 yesterday and that did not resolve the issue.

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Hey Dave!

Thanks for your help. I’ll try.


Make, model and OS version?

Oh, sorry. I meant the Android that is working, but this is good to know too. :slight_smile:


It works fine on Asus Zenfone 5, Android version 9


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