App Says that the flight plan cross a NFZ but in DJI geo map no

Summary of Issue: I tried to map in one area but de app says that the flightplan cross a NFZ, but looking at DJI geo map we that is no a NFZ, just near by one. Somebody can help me? My account is: Flight plan name: Vale pastoril

Date Issue Began: 11/09/2018

Drone Model: Phantom 3 pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version: iOS 11.4.1

DroneDeploy App Version:2.80.0

Are you able to fly manually in this area? You might also try to save this flight offline and stay offline during the flight as a potential workaround.

Hi @tgmarcelo - I wanted to let you know that we enabled a flag for your account that we believe will allow you to fly. Please let us know if it doesn’t. As a side note, you would not be able to unlock any zone that is actually on the Geo Zone map due to the fact that your drone does not use DJI Go 4, but that did not seem like the situation at hand here.