App issue on multi battery flight different to that described in sticky

Was flying a 30 minutes flight. About 10 mins in the track turned green dashed but the drone kept flying the route although it did not appear to be taking photos…although this was hard to tell. The app interface also changed and instead of showing the home button it showed the aircraft button it shows before you upload a flight. I brought it home using the home button on the controller. I swapped batteries created a copy of the original flight plan and restarted the flight. This time the camera was angled obliquely instead of straight down although the app was working OK.

In the end I had to bring it back shut down both app, controller and drone and then had to create a new flight for the remainder of the un flown area and it executed that OK.


P4 Advanced

iPhone 6S 11.1

Hi @lionmonkey,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy forum. Can you share a few more things?

  1. What DroneDeploy app version do you have installed?
  2. Did you reboot all of your devices and ensure that everything is on the latest version?
  3. Is this issue reproducible?

Keep me posted,

#DroneDeploy 2.60.0
#Flight Recorder
Session ID 59f68179a3ae7038c8309e28
Session Start 11/03/2017 2:07
Device Model iPhone
Device User Interface Idiom iPhone
Device Operating System iOS
Device SSID
Aircraft Model Phantom 4 Advanced
Aircraft Name
Aircraft Firmware
#Aircraft Battery
Full Charge Volume (mAh) 6092
Remaining Life (%) 0
Discharges 1
Battery Cells Number 4
Battery Serial Number
Battery Firmware
Flight Controller Serial Number 07JDE4J00A00S1
Flight Controller Firmware
Gimbal Firmware
Remote Control Serial Number 0HMJA007Q6
Remote Control Firmware
Camera Serial Number 0BDDE4L0010091

YES I think so.

Haven’t tried again but it ran through the entire survey after a complete shutdown and reboot of drone controller and dronedeploy app.

Hi @lionmonkey,

Have you calibrated your compass and your camera’s gimbal?

Let me know if that helps.

Yes I have done the gimbal but not the compass…I thought I read you only had to do that when the DJI Go asked you. I was reading on Autopilot’s manual that if your phone gets hot that this might cause issues. It was pretty warm.

Been having this same issue for MONTHS!!!

Hi @lionmonkey,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We’re currently investigating this issue and I hope to have an update to share with you soon, but can you retrieve the NoCloud folder from your device via iTunes and share that with us?

Please let me know immediately if anything changes or if you are able to continually reproduce this issue.