APP Isn't compatible with my device

Just tried to install the APP form Google Play but it says that none of my devices are compatible,
I’m using Galaxy NOTE II (4.4) and Galaxy Tab S.

Shame :frowning:

I believe we only exclude devices with Android versions older than 4.2, let me check why that could be happening.

I’ve bought a new phone yesterday,
LG G4 that run latest android version (if I’m not wrong) 5.1

Still the same,
in the app installation page in google play store it says that none of my devices are compatible…

Might be country restriction ? (IL)

Hi Guys,

I have the same issue. The beta version for Inspire 1 and P3 says it is not compatible with any of my devices. I have a note 4 and Galaxy 8.4s both running Android 5.

Is there anywhere I can manually download and install the app from?