App is switching to Manual Flight (Solved)

Has anybody been experiencing the DD app switching to Manual Flight mode in the middle of a flight?

7th Gen iPad
IOS 15.5
DD 4.107.0

If you want to read my experience for context, it’s below. :slight_smile:

I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been having lots of success with the latest few month’s worth of IOS DD app updates, and have been able to consistently fly a construction site once a month for the last 4 months now. Super stoked about that!! 1x ortho, 3x pano, and some cinematic stuff twice now. The client loves it.

Unfortunately…I was flying for “fun” last week at lunchtime (not at the client site, but where I work), practicing with DD. While flying, the app went into “Manual Flight” mode (in the upper left corner), rather than “Autonomous Flight” like normal. It stopped mapping and just hovered there. After me fiddling around a bit, I manually flew it back nearer to me and exited DD and opened it again. The preflight checks succeeded, and I was able to finish the mission.

There have been 2 updates since then, and this morning essentially the same thing happened, but this time at the client site. At the beginning of the mapping mission the app seemed to reboot itself, and ended up in Manual Flight mode. I finally had to land and reboot everything including the ipad. After that I got thru the map (2 batteries) and 1.5 panos. Half way thru the 2nd (of 3) panos, the MP just stopped taking pictures and hovered, and DD was suddenly in Manual Flight mode.

I noticed that there’s an IOS update ready, so I’ll try that.

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I hate these. Seems erratic but workable. Problem is that iOS apps don’t autostart if they crash and definitely don’t just turn on and off. What drone? I have seen a similar incomplete pano issue on the Air 2S. On the mapping flight are you near any controlled airspaces? I had a project where during a year of progress reports a funky airspace change happened at our Class C which cause a piece of the new zone literally 50ft in one of the corners of the site and all of the sudden the flight plan wouldn’t let the drone proceed there. Not that it has anything to do with what happened to you but the type of weird stuff that happens more often than you would like.

Yeah; I’m an Android guy thru and thru, this ipad is my very first apple device ever and it’s…different. :slight_smile: I double-press the physical home button and then swipe away the app, but I’m not sure if that is the same as the app not running or what. Guess I should look that up!

Unfortunately I’m still rockin’ the Mavic Pro. I remember your posts about your funky airspace change; but here it’s been Class G for miles in every direction forever, with no changes.

Where I work (and practice at lunchtime) it’s a 200’ LAANC grid, but nothing has changed there either…except the DD app going into Manual Flight mode of course!

I’m just guessing that the DD app updates had some glitches that’ll hopefully be sorted out soon. I updated the ipad to 15.7, and will try another mapping mission at work sometime this week and see if anything changes.

Well, crisis averted. Got a chance to do a practice mapping mission after work yesterday and I didn’t run into any glitches.

If it works once, that counts as fixed, right? :-]

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I hear progress! I flew an Air 2S yesterday and it was solid as well.

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