App is not useble when area gets big

Everytime i use a bigger area ( 600x600 meters) slowely the apps start to hang.
Evryting is at the latest software on ipad mini 4 128, when i start everyting is ok, after 2 or 4 legs, the app trows away the info on the left side, then the comming home buttons disepears than the map os gone and then the waypoints are gone, the only thing that stays is the live video on the right upper side and a dot of where the drone is, the mission is contineuing, no wat to come home when battery is giving a alarm to come home.
The app hangs an you have to resset the app and does not remember where the last foto wa taken, so you have to do the mision again and the same thing happens.
1 info left side info … gone
2 map… gone
3 home button right under… gone
4 waypoints… gone
Apps hangs and you have to do a hard resset for the app.

Not use le this way

Did try it on different ipads, same thing

I fly the dji inspire pro with the X5 - latest software
Ipad mini 4 128 - latest system
Latest dronedeploy - latest update