App functionality - GPS location when viewing a processed map

Hi guys,

I was just wondering, are the location services activated within the Drone Deploy app when viewing processed data/map?

I’d like to be able to walk clients around their property with a tablet, with their map open and see a GPS position of the tablet in relation to the map. Is this feature available?


hey @TheAeroScout - sorry this was missed! Wrote a response here;

Eggcellent … Thanks Neema. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to chime in and add an extra feature request to this post please. For the app, I am using it on an Android tablet and it’s a great way to take the maps into the field. I also love seeing all the maps I’ve created displayed on a summary screen across the region.

The type of improvements I’d love to see for the app are;

a - Support to flight plan not just DJI products but others such as APM/PX4. I use a custom fixed wing drone and I use the Tower app for flight planning. It’s an excellent program but if DD could make available their flight planning features for my drone then I’d just use that.

b - Support to not just add a new flight plan but upload a new dataset for processing. This would mean that I don’t need to carry a tablet for flight planning and a laptop for uploading datasets, one tablet could do it all.

c - As mentioned above geolocation support so I can see my table location when viewing a processes map. This will be a valuable tool for ground truthing for many industries. If this can also be available ‘offline’ then you’re on a real winner.

This would turn the DD app into not just a flight planner, but a fully integrated, turn-key solution for a drone imagery service provider.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Thank, Jas- the main reason we discontinued integrations for APM/PX4 is because we see software integration as the simplest, best way to provide a good experience for our customers all over the world. Who knows if things will change in the future, but for the near present, we’re focusing on flight automation through software, which excludes platforms which would require the hardware integration.

To your other points-

Uploading from mobile would be great. We’d like to have this feature.

Geolocation support in-app is coming! Not sure on a hard date, but we agree and appreciate your patience.


Thanks Neema. I’ll plan to keep using Tower app for flight planning but will look forward to having more features in the DD app soon. I’m excited. :slight_smile:

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