App Errors Depending on Location

I have a unique problem when using the DD app. I am able to plan missions in the app and connect to my DJI P4PV2 drone, including the preflight checks. When at my office or home, I can connect, take off, and complete the mission. However, when on location at a project, the app and drone don’t communicate. I receive error messages after the preflight checklist for “Unable to start mission” or similar, or on occasional, the drone will take off and hover at 5’ without completing the rest of the mission. Resetting the mission or restarting the drone and DD app doesn’t solve the issue.

In all instances, the phone is in mobile data mode, same DJI or DD app version, same Android version, same height and flight settings (different location of course), not in controlled airspace or near facilities, etc. Nothing obviously different other than physical location of the flight. Test flights are <1 acre but planned flights are >20 acres, however I don’t see how a moderately sized flight would cause connection issues.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

DJI Go4 version 4.3.48
DroneDeploy version 4.116.0
Android Version 12

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Hi @cmwolo,

Thanks for reaching out. From what you have described, it sounds like a compass calibration issue as you are experiencing some issues with hovering and taking off, and it works in one location but not another. The compass is vital in making new connections with satellites in various locations.

For us to be certain, our Support team will need to look at the backend of your account. Please reach out to and we’ll be able to assist you further!