APK for Epson Moverio AR glas ses etc. (devices without Google Play Store)

I’m using the Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses for most of my drone operations, as they are perfectly visible - even in direct sunlight using the added darker sunshade - as opposed to most tablets and phones, while allowing me to maintain a direct LoS with the UAV, which makes them - in my experience - the only (usable, portable and affordable) product currently on the market for single operator use in direct sunlight (DJI’s CrystalSky Pro comes close in terms of brightness, but has the disadvantages that it does not allow any 3rd party apps and that you still have to look down on it).

The glasses run a version of Android 5.1 but do not have the Google Play Store installed (and consequently also neither any of the Google Play services, like Google Maps etc.). You can install Apps using the pre-installed Moverio App Store (among others, it comes with a specially modified version of DJI Go 4, published by DJI and Epson), but many other apps can be installed using the Amazon App Store or by simply downloading APKs.

This means - in theory - that I should be able to use DroneDeploy on the Moverio as well without any issue. However, having obtained the APK from one of my other Android devices, while it installs just fine on the Moverio, I cannot get it to start. The DroneDeploy app immediately force-closes after half a second or so of just showing a white screen. There is no error message whatsoever.

DroneDeploy is the only app with which I have experienced this strange behaviour on the Moverio - most, if not all, other apps I have experimented with, are working absolutely fine. Given that the most of the DroneDeploy app itself seems to me to be little more than a wrapper around the DD web service, there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with the Moverio (and as I said, I have not seen any other apps behaving strangly, as it’s pretty much a standard Android device under the hood).

Can I ask if there is an APK (maybe a newer or a beta version) directly available for download that would work on the Moverio?

And can I encourage the developers strongly to look into publishing DroneDeploy in the Moverio App Store, for one, and/or Amazon App Store respectively, so it can be used with and updated on devices without the Google Play Store (including e.g. Amazon Fire Tablets).

The Moverio is an absolutely superb device once you get the hang of it (I needed about a week to get used to it initially) but it’s supremely useful for the type of task you would use DroneDeploy for, so I - and I am sure many others as well - would be very interested in seeing the DroneDeploy app running on the Moverio as well.

Hope you can help me out.

P.S.: Another Bug Report: The forum software here complained that I had the forbidden word “a s s” in the title (in the word “glasses”) and prevented me from creating a new topic. That seems overly eager and not really well done in terms of attempted filtering, maybe you can switch this off? :wink:

Hi @dronies4,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. Unfortunately the device you’re trying to use is not an officially supported device for use with DroneDeploy, so there is no guarantee that it will or should work. I suggest taking a look at our Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet) page for more info.

However, we are currently investigating an issue where users are experiencing a white screen after installing and opening DroneDeploy on their Android device. The current discussion is over at this thread: White Screen after install and connection to DD.