Anzu Raptor Support

With the possibility of a full DJI ban in the USA, I’m wondering if the fine folks at Drone Deploy are considering supporting the ANZU Raptor platforms. (LINK)

I searched “Anzu” before posting this, and came up empty handed. I cannot believe that I’m the first one to ask this question.

Can anyone from Drone Deploy speak to this?


DroneDeploy is smarter than to jump in bed with what is likely a shell company. Just look at their FCC filing. It’s literally from the same testing company and contact in Shenzhen that tests for DJI. We asked him why produce a copy, and why not distance himself from the negative connotations that current market products hold? He didn’t like that question at all.

They need to be proven before anyone will work with them and with completely different firmware it’s not just a plug-n-play. When they move manufacturing to an America, like Mexico, we’ll listen a little more intently. Something doesn’t seem quite right in my opinion and they’re not the only one popping up. Look up Cogito and Skycatch, there’s also an Air 3 and a Matrice M300 clone by other companies.

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My point in asking is that the majority of their platform is dependent on DJI’s flight platforms. They have built a house with DJI as the foundation.

I have not seen any communication from them on a backup plan. I’m nervous. Surely others are too. Shell company or not, if Anzu (or any other shell) gets around the legislation, it’s worth considering.

There are going to be deep holes to fill, without an alternate plan.


I agree but since DroneDeploy is global it may not be as much of a scare for them as it is us. I would be willing to bet though that if if it actually happens they will respond with a counteraction quickly.

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Not as much of a scare?

I don’t know the number, but I guarantee you: Delete every user in the United States as a revenue stream, and Drone Deploy is in crisis. Not only that, If the US bans DJI, other countries will follow suit. How many users do you think they can they afford to lose?

The fact that Drone Deploy has been absolutely silent on all of this is extremely concerning.


Yep, a lot of unknowns but scope it down to government entities and DSP’s do work for those entities and it’s not nearly the catastrophe that everyone is making it out to be. Most individuals and small shops aren’t doing County, State or Federal work so there’s no need for them to freak out. The worst thing that could happen is DJI gets pissed off and issues a firmware that breaks us but if it gets that bad I would say that drones would be the least of our concerns. DJI has already pulled data sync so it seems that they are concerned and I would anticipate they will find a workaround. The United States government has seen the outcry and knows the economic affect. I am willing to bet there will be many others find the Anzu loophole. DroneDeploy’s inactivity on this user forum isn’t anything new but they know what’s going on and surely have a plan.


Hey guys! All great points about recommended security measures that any new drone company should take before opening its doors! And some really good points about regulatory issues impacting the drone equilibrium that DD has successfully helped build and protect. I didn’t see much support from the previous posts for Anzu, so I’ll advocate on their behalf! The Austin-based company, fully financed by concerned American investors for American interests and safety, procured the copyrights to produce nearly identical products from DJI (like the Mavic 3E and 3T) with American operated software taken from a snapshot baseline of DJI’s OS. Their American-based servers protect sensitive data as discussed and validated in this article by White Knight Labs.

Anzu has come under a lot of heat since announcing their intentions, as they should, because nothing makes an organization better than trial after trial, success after success, and a whole lot of failure in between. Anzu’s leadership have publicly addressed many gaps in their armor, but they have also kept good on their word to remain transparent and honest. Let’s see how this plays out, so far it’s been fun to watch.
To answer your question, MichaelL, about DD partnering with Anzu: the DD Anzu rollout for the Raptor series will be soon and worth the wait. Stay tuned my friend.
Thanks guys for letting me chime in!


Does anyone know how many of these are actually out in the wild working right now?

There are several positive reviews available on LinkedIn. Which is great to hear. But, I’m also wanting to read about bugs or immediate fixes.