Anyone have this issue . . .

Went out to fly a couple of construction sites I have been doing over the past few months. Decided to plan both of them at home before I left and sync after getting on scene. I designed both surveys to fly at 200ft. with 70% front lap and 60% side lap.

On survey one, signed into DD, pulled up the synced map, showed my desired 200ft. altitude and approximate time of flight. Touched check systems icon and about 30 seconds later, all green and ready to fly. Touched take-off icon and Inspire rose up off the ground very smoothly and headed upward. The Inspire rose to 246ft and began its survey. Right from the start, the green icon on the flight path still showed 246ft. but was not moving properly during the flight and was well behind the actual location of the Inspire. The path, however, would turn from green to white at the proper time.

The same issue showed up on flight number two.

Both flights performed well (other than telemetry being off) and both flights make very good maps.

Another issue I noticed, the speed of the Inspire to the first waypoint and back home after the last waypoint, was noticeable faster than normal . . .33mph. Not sure I am right about the “normal” part as I don’t remember keeping track of these speeds on any other flight. It just seemed faster.

So, I have a small issue going on with planning a flight at home to fly at 200ft and when pulled up on site, flies at 246ft.

Has anyone run into this and if so, what did you do to correct the problem.

Thanks guys for your opinion.