Anybody know ground station for 4-5 km transmission distance?

Hello Guys

I have one DJI drone used for survey application. Recently I have a trouble for sometimes I will survey far away building or site. I hope to find some ground station transmission distance can be 4-5km. Is any one have good recommendation? Thanks

Hi My friend.
Recently I have one advise product for your requirement. MMC company Etlas Mobile, some of my friends used it and performance is so good. I’m considering to buy a new one recently. Here I attached some specifications for your reference.

Size (L W H):320x142x54mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Operating System: Android 7.1, Six-Core Processor
Screen: 7-Inch Touch Screen
Battery: 11.1V,8000mAh
Video Output: HDMI
Transmission Distance:5km
Working Temperature: -20℃~55℃
Resoultion: 1920*1200
Max Brightness: 1200nit
Touch Screen: Max. 5-point Simultaneous Touch
Battery Life: 5 Hours


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You can see the drone at 4km? Must be a big boy!

No, the data link is 4-5km, this doesn’t mean you can see drone at 4km. This is absolutely different. This ground station is handhold type, easy to carry and transportation.

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That’s great and understood. The point was subtlely that I don’t know a country that doesn’t have a VLOS regulation. Obviously you can’t maintain that beyond about 1km.

Hi @pandong_shen,

Transmission distance is highly dependent on your surroundings and interference from things like wifi, cell towers, or even just large metal objects. Depending on the assortment of things like those that you’re flying your drone around, the signal quality will vary widely - especially at long distances.

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And don’t forget high transmission lines and electrical substations. They wreak havoc on GPS.