Any tips on how to implement examples from the API documentation?

Hey everyone,

This is a link to the documentation that I’m trying to understand..

There’s an “Install the example” link, but it currently only opens an empty new instance of the DroneDeploy application. Was this intended? I’d love to see it in action and am having a little trouble implementing it in my own application – specifically, I’m getting a reference error warning me that “dronedeployApi is not defined”.

Hi John,

Thanks for checking out the App Market documentation.

I’ve updated that example fixing the error you mentioned. Additionally here is a link to download the file,

It’s worth noting you need to run this example on a map that you’ve processed. So the default maps that come with a new account won’t work. Please visit the below link for more information and an example image set.

Let me know if you hit any other issues or have any questions.

Thanks Daniel,

I was able to run the example thanks to your fix. If you’re interested, I have some suggestions that might improve your UX.

The “App Examples” section of the documentation represents a tree similarly to the way that “Platform Policy”, but the App Examples root is currently clickable which might cause some confusion.

May I suggest adding additional descriptions to the documentation? Map, for example, very helpfully provides a description for itself and its functions, but this is missing for Tiles – what exactly is a Tile? What are some of the things that a developer might want to use the .get function for?

Thanks so much.

Thanks John this is very helpful.

I’ve updated the documentation structure. All API’s still have links to the examples, but now all the examples are in their own section.

Additionally, I updated the tile documentation with more background and explanation.

Please let me know if you have more suggestions or have any other questions as you develop your app.


Daniel, the improvements that you made to the documentation are awesome! Exactly what I was hoping for. We’ll keep in touch.

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