Any 'off line' app to show 3D models?

Hi there,
First post so here goes… I would like to show potential clients examples of the 3D modelling, however some are in remote areas and I would have to present to them on my iPad (air3) ‘off line’. Is there an App (IOS) out there that allows me to download the model. Even on line and through the DD webiste the 3D map does not load…

I think one of the best ways is 3D PDF format which will come in the future.

If you can somehow download the .obj file and get that converted to a 3D PDF maybe that would work. Otherwise there might be some offline viewers that can view the .obj file.

3D Builder in Windows 10. Open the .obj file, then as prompted the mtl file, and then the .jpg files.

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Context Capture has a free offline viewer as part of their modeling products. I know it supports texture mapped obj files and others. Meshmixer and MeshLab can be used as well, although they are more mesh editing and simplification tools.