Any advice before I order a Phantom 4 Pro?

I’m planning to order this weekend. Any suggestions or gotchas I should know about? I’m planning to use this drone for general photography, but also for archaeological survey for a potential graduate school project, as well as helping colleagues with survey streamlining.

I was about to order the Pro 4 Plus, but from what I have seen the built-in screen does not have the interactive capability of a smart device and the controller does not allow you to use a smart phone/pad in conjunction.

Any other advice, warnings or encouragement?


I’m a fan. Been using mine for a few weeks now. Great drone & camera so far…


Also a fan. I can see a noticeable difference in the picture versus the Inspire 1. In addition, I also like that I can get around 30 minutes per battery as compared to the 18 minutes for the Inspire. As a con, I do notice that the Florida wind does wreck a little more havoc on it.

I’m also planning a Phantom 4 Pro purchase soon. What is everyone’s favorite online store?


I ordered straight from DJI

Mine came from Amazon UK.

@Dagon be aware that if you get the plus version you can’t use 3rd party apps like DroneDeploy. I use my iPhone 7 Plus and it’s great, though an iPad would be better due to the larger screen. Personally I’d find it difficult on anything less size than the iPhone 7 Plus.

Mine cam from my local guy, who I use as much as possible, being a small business myself.

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