Annotations Toggling

On the latest interface I think it would be good to have a master toggle on the home navigation bar in addition to where it is in the annotations inventory. For both the 2D and 3D Model views independently.

@Anya @AlexHennessey


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Great feedback - totally agree @MichaelL ! Passed along to the UI/UX team. Thanks!

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Annotations need to store the State of the On/Off. Currently you can turn them off via the Master Checkbox (once you to the list of Annotations) but anytime you turn them off and navigate around in other features of the current map they turn back on. Running reports is a issue because they show up in the report even if they are turned off. I might want a report with only certain annotations shown in the report while all the others where turned off. Currently you have to delete the annotations if you don’t want to see them in the report.

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My layer states are persistent throughout, but I do have issues with them carrying over to reports. The reports should be layered as well.

@GregO, I think I see what you are saying now. The only time my layer states change from what I have seen is when I went back to the map from the annotation report.

*The individual layers also do not come on when you togle the master off and back on.

We are having the issue where refreshing the map turns all the annotations back on. @Anjanette_Hill