Annotations, Place markers by entering Lat / Long coordinates

A marker will display it’s coordinates after it is placed. Is it possible to place markers by entering gps coordinates?

Mapping a heavily forested parcel where no markers on the ground can be seen from the air. It would be very helpful to be able to place markers on the property corners by entering their coordinates. Any way to do this?

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Hi Dave, though it isn’t possible to do this directly into our system, we can do it in a different way:

Enter the coordinates in Google Earth

Save that area as KML

Convert to shapefile

import into DroneDeploy for a flight.

We go through the steps to do each here:

let us know if this helps!


Hi Neema, thanks for your reply.

I’m not really trying to use the markers or polygon for flight planning, I am wanting to overlay a polygon on top of the processed orthoimage to show the property boundary.

Here is an image of a polygon placed on a property boundary in Google Maps. I would like to place this on the processed ortho-image if possible. Thanks!