Annotations and measurements for shared maps

I’ve got an issue with drone deploy… hopefully this is just my lack of understanding the platform. I’ve been on the pro plan for about 2 months and trying to create interest in the service that i can provide locally by making maps for anyone i can think of. I sat down with a friend the other day for whom i’ve made a map, having invited him as an editor he created an account so that he could view the map i made for him. first thing that i noticed is that none of the measurement, annotation and download tools were available to him for the map I had made him.

Does that mean that anyone who pays me to make one map for them has to pay drone deploy $180 AUD a month to be able to use the features for that one map, that I am already paying for?

If so that is pure price gouging, not to mention bad for DD business. If I’m trying to make a business out of my subscription, (which is the idea is it not?) then why should my clients have to pay DD a further $180 AUD a month to be able to use features which DD promote as part of the product. Clients wont go for that, which is bad for my business, and, ultimately for for DD, because I’ll start looking for another service.

I hope that i have it wrong, but when my friend tried to his account to view the map that I’ve paid DD to make he just got the ‘upgrade to use this feature’ message. I have a small amount of work with a developer at the moment, and we want to start sharing these maps to the owner, it will look bad if they have to pay DD for a service they are already paying me for…

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