Android vs iOS

Any comments on which is the better, more reliable platform to fly with ?

I use a Android Galaxy tab and find that everytime there is an upgrade I have to learn a new set of Drone Deploy quirks in order to have a successful flight. Is this the same with Apple ?

Hi @syamaphantom,

Thanks for stopping by the DroneDeploy Forum. While both Android and iOS work well with DroneDeploy, iOS (Apple) has a better experience than Android because of the way Android handles the USB connection. This causes iOS to be a little more stable.

You can find out similar info in our Frequently Asked Questions under Flight Questions.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I used to use an Android Galaxy Tab A and it worked fine - until they upgraded from Lollipop to Marshmallow. Then it became virtually unusable, hard to connect to and quirky.

I switched to an iPad Air 2 and have flown fine.