Android virtual keyboard obscures input fields

  1. Open DroneDeploy app with Skyward plugin installed
  2. Tap on a flight area
  3. Scroll down in sidebar to reveal Skyward app
  4. Tap on the E-mail field
  5. See keyboard expands and covers login fields: landscape, portrait

We produced this bug on the following environments:

HTC One M8, Android 5.0.1
Samsung Galaxy S3, Android 4.4.2

To our knowledge, we do not have control over the behavior of the left hand navigation/control panel and cannot cause our plugin to float above the keyboard or the control panel to resize for the reduced vertical space. If this is not the case, how can we trigger our wigdet to be visible on iOS and Android when a virtual keyboard comes up?

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We also noticed that this affects other apps that have a login form, so it seems like a general issue.

Yes this is an issue in other places in the app as well. Thank you for reporting it.

This issue should be fixed on our side. That being said you could be clever inside your app if you desired, = '500px'.

Iā€™m going to bring this issue up with our mobile team. Hopefully, a resolution will arrive soon.

Maybe something like this could work?