Android Nexus 9 white screen launching DD

I’m at an end with trying to get DD to work on the Nexus 9 Android tablet. I do not have the DJI GO app running. When launching DD it says connecting to Drone Deploy then goes to a white screen after 30 seconds to 1 minute and just stays there. I’m running Android version 6.0.1 and have the latest version of DD on Google play. I see that Nexus uses an NVIDA Denver chip so it should not suffer from DJI SDK not working with Intel chips. I looked at permissions thinking that the DD may not have permissions to a section of the software or tablet hardware… but can’t verify that. This behavior happens if the drone is connected or not. I fly a DJI P3. It works great with IOS but the dedicated tablet I have for the drone will not work with DD… Anybody see this before or knows the solution?

After all the things you’ve tried the best I can say is that DJI is very close to a solution for android that should improve it for all 3rd party apps.
It shouldn’t matter anymore about intel chipsets. This used to be a problem but no longer is.

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