Android app 0.1.0 - image largely moves off screen after battery change

I have the Android Drone Deploy 0.1.0 app running on a Nexus 5 (Android 6.0.1).

Now that weather is finally warm enough ,I’ve flown my first successful missions with Drone Deploy, so I don’t have prior experience with this app on my phone.

The app connects well, and runs short missions fine. My first mission was completed with no concerns, using only about 25% of a battery. I powered down my inspire 1 while driving to another site, but left the controlled on. When the inspire was powered down, about 95% of the application image was moved off of the right side of the screen (all I could see was the with of the menu icons). This didn’t re-size/centre if I rotated my device to vertical and back to landscape. The only way I could fix it was to close the app and open it up again.

My second mission was much longer, and required a battery change. Again, when I powered off the inspire, the same problem happened with the display. If I minimized the application, my home screen displayed correctly, as did an application that I opened. Going back to DroneDeploy, the display problem persisted. I tried several variations & screen rotations, going to and from the application - going to the application from a vertical orientation gave absolutely no application image on the screen, but going back to horizontal had the same left 5% remaining on the right side of my screen. I closed the application, re-started it, and completed another battery-worth.

Other than this bug, my other frustration with this application is that there is no exit menu option - I have to go to my application list and swipe the application off, closing it.

Thanks for your attention to this!
The remainder of the process seemed incredibly intuitive and worked quite well.
(Although I have yet to upload the images)