Amazing Applications of Drones

Hi I’m new here. I’m so amazed about the extensive applications drones can be used in our world today. Put aside military, commercial and hobby purpose. We can have all other sorts for non-commercial purpose like for peaceful means. Like delivery of non-commercial items for example in HIV infected areas- delivery of blood samples to clinics. Think about fire fighting, land planning, map-making, habitat monitoring, weather indicators. The applications are practically boundless and the limit is only our imagination. In land-planning, drones can be used to take images for purposes of land conversion or to decide whether land is proper for conversion, in map-making drones can be used to record reliefs to make proper or detailed map.

Hi @JaniceTyler. I’m fairly new to the forum as well, and you are right! The technology available to us through the use of these UAVs seem boundless! Firefighting, check; already being conducted. Land planning, check; being done. Map-making, of course. Habitat monitoring, check; and wildlife movements. I personally like the stories of emergency response crews using thermal imaging on their UAV to locate lost/injured hikers.
I like to watch this forum as a way to discover how others are using this technology, and maybe expand my current uses. The DroneDeploy website itself also gives insight to different aspects and branches of this science (or is it an artform?).
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this forum and the site as much as I am.

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I love the idea of an artform rather than true science. :smiley: