Altitude for stand count

Anybody have a recommendation for an altitude to be able to get good resolution for a stand count on new corn?

I have had a lot of luck with 250ā€™ up to 350ā€™. Mostly, I use the 350ā€™ with a 70/70 overlap taking into account that the mapping will be more accurate if I overfly the area thus allowing for more visible matching points (farm house, barns, fence lines, other field crop areas shorter or much higher than what you are shooting, roads, etc.) I find that when I am shooting grape rows, I do much better by overflying.

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What software do you plan on using for your stand counts - or are you manual counting?

Hi guys,

Iā€™m doing research in agriculture for software Iā€™m planning to build and I was wondering what decisions can be made based on stand counts, when growing corn. Any chance you can help me out?