Altitude during take off and return

Hi, recently when flying a mission I noticed that the drone would descend before flying the Flight Plan from the DroneDeploy App, then when finished it would ascend before returning. I am curious what determines the take off and return altitudes when flying a mission?

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The home position recorded from the first takeoff.

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Yes, but I’m curious about how the drone choses to fly to get to the first waypoint of the grid? The drone seems to fly higher than the set altitude of the mission while going back and forth from the home point. Is there a set altitude that it takes?

The RTH obviously follows the setting in DJI but I have never noticed a big difference in the start. See what yours is set at and if that is the initial elevation it climbs to and returns with.

RTH does not always follow DJI Go 4 settings.
If a mission completes, the aircraft will head home from the altitude the plan completed at. Real fun when you add a low altitude pano to the queue after a mapping mission that cleared the trees safely at takeoff.
My temporary fix for this is to add a higher altitude flight at the end of the the queue in order to bring it up to safe altitude before returning, but…if you dont complete that new plan, the app has lots of issues going forward. It would be nice to have a signle photo plan option.
If you want a safe solution, set a 3 waypoint mission at the take off location at desired RTH altitude. Unfortunately the points have to be far enough apart to not cause “plan failed to load”

Starting to look for a safe alternative app while dronedeploy gets their act together.

Interesting, thanks for the heads-up. I probably don’t see this because we always use the remainder of the battery with manual flight. I very rarely let the drone RTH itself in any environment with a potential obstacle. I definitely don’t let it land on its own where we work.

If you run a pano, it returns to home on its own immediately. Sometimes, recent experience, even hitting manual flight and rth and out of p mode and even disconnecting the device, the flight plan in the aircraft ignores all rc commands and forces its flight. Ya know, so that you dont accidentally hit any buttons while doing an automated flight. Makes sense right… dangerous.

Yeah definitely don’t like whatever happened two versions ago that broke the manual flight options after the last mission completes. All pano were done spot to spot instead of mission planned. When the drone isn’t releasing control flipping to Atti has been working fine for me.

I have identified that flying after an atti flip will cause issues for the next hour. Creates an incomplete mission. App tries to reload plan over a plan that is trying to complete. Takes several power cycles of everything. I wish there was a way to clear cache of flight plans. That could be a good practice self troubleshoot.

Been atti-flipping for at least 6 months with no repercussions. As long as you land the bird before you exit anything it will record the mission as done. I don’t understand your workflow or why it is giving you so much trouble.

If you atti flip before the plan completes, and land, and do not complete the mission, that is where the issue is.
Say you normally fly a site and land at 28% and the end of the plan is the furthest away and not really vital.
Wind is a 13mph today with some gusts and youve flown 90% and just have the little extra bit left but you’re down to 26% so you flip to s or atti then speed home. Decide not to fly that last bit as theres no real importance. Mission never completed. Logs never saved. Next flight that day, the app still wants to finish the previous maps remaining flight, but you eventually get it to stop showing “continue mission” and load up the next map. Well this is where I would say the waters might get dangerous. It might go fine, or it might fail to load plan because previous plan is still cached somewhere. And once it starts failing to spin rotors, its a gamble. Even after power cycles.

Strange indeed and I get about not letting it complete the waypoints although I have never had to hit reset more than once. I keep hearing things that sound like sync’ing/resetting issue that could be caused by connectivity but that’s just from what I have seen before and some of these are definitely a little odd.