Altitude & control questions

Hi folks - I couldn’t find the answers to these questions so apologies if they’ve been answered before.

I did my very first DroneDeploy controlled flight a couple of days ago which went very well indeed. I was mapping a section of coast which made me wonder …

  1. is the altitude setting for the flight plan from sea level or is it from the set home point altitude?

  2. if in need to get manual control of the drone quickly and abort the current capture in an emergency how do I do it?


  1. The altitude is from the home point altitude.

  2. You can use the return to home feature in the lower right hand corner of the app, the return to home button on the controller, or switch your controller from F to P. Once switched to P, you have full control over the drone.

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Thanks for that, I’ll bear in mind the altitude.

As for the mode selector, I had it in Position mode for DroneDeploy, so I assume you mean switch it to Attitude?
(Phantom 4 Pro)