Altitude check before mission starts and 2 pass flight settings

Because it fly at low altitude, please be able to maneuver to check obstacles around me before you start the mission.
Also, I want the altitude confirmed by maneuvering to be reflected in the altitude of the mission.
In the example of Clifden Castle, in order to check the altitude 20m of “Set3”, I want to check if there are obstacles more than 20m around.

I would like to set the increase / decrease value of altitude and make 2 pass flight.
With +30m, “Set1” will be executed as the second pass after “Set3” is over.

Hi @Tico_Rodriguez,

Thank you so much for sharing your feature requests on the Forum! It is very important for us to receive feedback and feature suggestions to improve our product.

Currently, you can enable Obstacle Avoidance (OA) in the app if you are flying with a device that supports OA. It should look like this in your flight planning menu:


We have heard similar requests to change the altitude at different starting waypoints. I’m happy to share your suggestion to our Flight team to consider implementing in the future. :slight_smile:


In “Obstacle Avoidance”, it may not respond to thin obstacles such as tree branches and electric wires.
In order to set altitude to avoid thin obstacles, I would like to visually confirm.
Currently, “DJI GO” sets altitude, and switching to “DD” during hovering.

It always comes back to the pilot maintaining control of his aircraft in the surrounding environment. At this stage of the emerging technology, all that you are asking is not yet built into the drones, and the software is limited to the current drone technology.