Allow re-processing of uploaded photos

I had uploaded the photos for a given mission that included a building in it. I had inadvertently left the ‘terrain’ (rather than structure) option selected. Possibly as a result, the building edges all looked like they were melting, and there were few, if any, straight lines to be found.

It seemed there was no way for me to re-process the already uploaded images from that job, nor to duplicate the job once it had been flown. I ended up re-creating the mission, running part of it with the simulator, aborting, and then I was able to re-upload the images to try process the job as a structure instead.

(I know the structure feature is a beta and possibly won’t be a polished product yet, but it will one day, and letting a client select the correct processing after they initially choose the wrong method will likely be quite useful).



I’ve forwarded this to the product team…

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Seconding this request. Would make adding or updated small areas of large maps much more feasible and rapid.

If you add some photos to an existing map it should reprocess already.

That’s good to know, thanks Chase.
I’ll try out that feature shortly.

Partially related to this, and partially related to getting DroneDeploy to understand water a bit better, would it be possible to mark-up certain areas over a orthometric image (or the 3d mesh, although that may be a bit more challenging) and label it as a particular type of challenging surface (ie, water, snow, ice, etc), and then have the engine reprocess that portion of the map? It could then force all water to be flat, following different rules given the user input.


Yes that is correct, but updating areas results in having more than one image for a given area so stitching becomes, interesting.

If there was a way to manage what images are used for the map, effectively allowing up to delete portions of the map and refilling it with new imagery would be nice functionality.

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At the moment there isn’t a way to delete photos. We are improving that workflow in the future.

I too would be interested in the ability to reprocess maps if needed…

I would like this option as well. Especially if i could select a smaller map area and reprocess.


There have been many times we have wanted to do this for one reason or another and seems terribly inefficient on both ends, user time as well as server storage at DD to resubmit all of the images, especially on large projects.

I would also like to request a reload of the images to a project that has already been processed. Is there a work around yet? Is it possible to create a new project with the same parameters, without flying the mission, but uploading the existing images from a previous flight??

So I think I found a solution (although it’s still currently processing). Just copy the previous processed project and re-fly in simulator mode. You can then upload the imagery again and process. Somewhat of a long way around, but hopefully it works.

Take extra photo’s at the end of your map, then simply add new photos to re-do the map. I always have 10 or so extra shots in case I want to do this.