Airspace Lockouts

I am in a very Airspace Heavy area (Dallas/Ft.Worth). I regularly fly within Class B, & Class D airspace. I have FAA Airspace Authorizations for these areas. I have had much trouble getting DD to acknowledge my ability to fly in close proximity to boundaries and airspaces. Is there a way we can see what might keep DD from allowing flights in particular airspace?

I can fly with DJIGo and DJI GSPro without issue but DD doesn’t even allow initialization (also, some kind of warning about why it won’t initialize might be nice too).

If I am flying right next to an unauthorized zone, I would like to be able to carefully plan a flight right up to that border and conduct the flight as much as I can. But in my experience, it’s a trial and error type thing when planning a flight.

Hi @txdroneco,

If you have been cleared to fly in the airspace you can log into DJI GO and log into your account to make sure the clearance has been acknowledged. Once you have done so you should close DJI GO and open DroneDeploy. During the safety checklist, there might be a prompt that indicates you are in an NFZ. Once alert comes up you can click “continue anyways” and you should be able to continue with the mission. Make sure that the DJI GO app is completely closed out when using the DD app. Please let us know if this behavior doesn’t clear up once you have tried those steps during your mission.


How did you even get a waiver? We applied to do a shot near a class C airport at Thanksgiving,sent several requests for a status and recieved one reply saying they had not got to it yet.Is there a number out there to speak to a person?

This is a real issue for those of us actually flying at airports. I’ve booked several jobs mapping the cracks in the pavement in the runway and ramps at 3 different airports. It’s easy to get permission from the FAA, and the tower closes the airport during the inspection. But getting the aircraft to actual takeoff can be the hardest part.

The DD team can’t help you. But YOU can remove dji-fencing if you want to.*MAVIC*