Air 2S trouble completing Missions

I have had issues completing missions on my DJI Air 2S. First it started a panoramic mission and would not take any pictures, the flight pattern was also erratic. Then I attempted a video mission and it started and stopped 2 minutes in and would not continue. Then I started to receive errors saying it would not connect to my camera, and it would not start another mission.

I went home, made sure everything but my batteries were up to date, and re-calibrated my camera and sensors.

I went out today and I was able to complete one panoramic mission, I added the 2nd panoramic mission into the queue, and it started that mission and stopped after taking 6 of 26 photos and would not restart. After that I was able to get my drone to start the mission, but it would start to travel to the start location but it would stop suddenly and then start again, almost like it was confused on what to do, and it would take close to 3 minutes to get to the start location. Then I would receive the error message listed below, I was able to restart the mission but it was again acting erratically, see screen shot below, and it would take a few photos, but it would take a few minutes to take them and then stop all together.

After the first mission I was not able to complete another mission, it would start but not finish, this is very frustrating.

Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this and if you were able to find a fix.

Thank you all in advance for any help you can offer