AgDrone integration and 'Uploader' for photos

Im trying to find a way to upload my photos to DD, using a new system. It is a Honeycomb Agdrone. The way they capture the images on the cards is with the Geo data on a separate card that syncs when you upload the images from the drone. This doesn’t seem friendly with you system, but I am hoping to find a way to easily get my images into DD.

On another note, what is the status of the ‘uploader’? Having 3000 images per map is great, but not if it takes 2 days just to upload them to your site. I use Charter internet and am limited to 5meg upload speeds.


hi @Jeffrobinson1327 - unfortunately, the images do need to have embedded geotags in order to be compatible with our systems. Please see here for more information on data requirements for Map Engine:

Our uploader has undergone a lot of changes for speed and reliability recently- if you do run into issues, please write us at and reference any relevant flights, as well as your browser.