Ag Toolbox feedback

Please do let us know what you think about our new Ag Toolbox. This allows you to investigate your data deeper by highlighting variability:

as well as quantifying expected yields:

Let us know what you think!

Jono and the DroneDeploy team.


I wanted to thank you for this tool. I tried it on my flights and it is great to be able to fine tune the image to see the variations. When are we going to be able to export this data and will it be able to come out in a shapefile format? Thank you again.


Hi Robbie,

Sorry for the late reply on this one! I’ve been traveling/at conferences. Exports for this are in progress, once we have GeoTiff exports, we’ll start working on other formats (.jpg and .shp).

Well the concept is good, however I am not sure the value it provides. It seems to attempt to work no matter what type of image I supply, which will produce some woefully inaccurate results. The indexes NDVI, SAVI, ENDVI, etc… use different bands of light to do their calculations. I have experimented with the Aerial Media Pros camera and the results I get are different than from other competing products. Until I know how you are calculating these indexes and some way for me to specify camera parameters, how can I trust it?

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Thank you! Great tool