Affordable client access with tools capabilites

We have a Business account where I am the main user. We fly and process maps for projects that can span a few years. We potentially refly these projects every 1-3 weeks. Sometimes the work is just a one time thing. We want clients to be able to track the project progress themselves. We want the client to be able to access our projects and be able to use the tools like measure and annotate. Note that we want to offer this, but some or most clients will not even use these things I suspect.

Just viewing the map via a view only url link is not enough.

Having the client (or us) pay for the Pro account to have full access to the map and tools is not an option. This is about a $1000.00 a year per client. We would consider this access as part of the delilverables for our work so we would have to pay for it and that is not going to happen. Assume 5-10 different clients we would fly for every year. That extra cost cuts the bottom line considerably and makes using Drone Deploy NOT cost effective at all. This is literally a deal breaker for us as we are just instituting the use of Drone Deploy on every drone project moving forward.

Suggestion: There needs to be an option for use of maps and tools at a lower cost. Either a different account level or a purchasable feature set within the Business / Enterprise plans for client access. Clients want access to all current maps shared with them and the use of tools and annotations. Clients DO NOT need the ability to plan, fly, process images, request/process DTMs, GCPs, etc… Sort of like an account with half the functions and a similarly reflected price.

This cannot be the first time this has come up where view-only is not enough yet full access is overkill and over cost. Please seriously consider some option to accomplish this. Thank you. Please contact me to discuss this further if needed.

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