Aerialmediapros - Ag Scout Basic for Agriculture use - NDVI & RGB Images for Pest detection using Image Processing

Hi All,

We are planning to build Digital Agriculture, where we are planning to use Drone to collect the Farm Images, Plant Health.

I have below quires regarding the same,

  • Can Ag Scout Basic give me normal RGB images? or i should buy Ag Scout Pro, so that Dronedeploy can stitch the RGB images, where we will use this images for image processing to find any pest is affected.
  • How to interpret NDVI in the form of normal English for the former?
  • In case Ag Scout Pro, can i use both RGB & NIR camera together?

Drone Deploy Quires,

  • How to my server/application communicate with Dronedeploy for data(NDVI,Stitched images, soon…)
  • Any Public API to communicate with dronedeploy.
  • How to embed the agriculture result in my own application.

Anyone using Ag Scout Pro with Dronedeploy in India.?

Please help me to understand, it will be very useful for us.


If you are using two cameras I don’t believe the dronedeploy app will trigger both at once. If you fly the area yourself then it should be fine.
We have some documentation at for help interpreting your NDVI or RGB maps.

We are doing some work with companies that need API access to develop their applications. Can you email to ask about API access?