Advice on new roof analysis tool

I just emailed this to a rep at Drone Deploy as well.

I just took your webinar on roofing inspections today, and looked through your sample report. Here is an idea.
I noticed most slopes that are listed in the report are close to a whole number. Like 2.9/13, or 6.2/12. Since we can determine that these are actually inaccuracies in the analysis, probably 99 times out of 100, why not round up or down to the next whole number.
In building roof structures, one almost always only deals in whole number pitches, especially if your report has variations of say, 5.9/12 and 6.2/12. The actual number in almost every instance would be 6/12 pitch.
Your report is giving non corrected readings, which are incorrect reading most times, thus by design, adding inaccuracies into the report.

I may add, a knowledgeable contractor who sees a report with variables like this in roofing, AUTOMATICALLY will see limitations in said report.
Keith Provost

107 pilot
30 years experience in construction

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Hi @KeithProvost,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us and tuning in to our webinar! Hope you found the session useful. I see you’ve been in touch with @Andrea in our Support team regarding your feedback and questions. If you have anything else to share or need clarification on, please reach back out to her. She’ll be happy to assist. :slight_smile:

We have taken note of your existing feedback and shared it with the app developers of Roof Report though!


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I’m betting that the fractions in the slope numbers represent the true/exact measurement and not just the slope the builder was trying for. This is good. Why would you want any other measurements such as perimeter length or square footage to be rounded off? The more exact the better.


Exactly, especially for a rebuild! If the contractor can’t round off a slope in his head and make it work in the field then he’s not working for me. We know all about field fit. I have to say that this is a game changer for prefabbing metal roofs. I’ve seen it and it works.

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