Adjusting Start and Return point/s for a mission

Just passed and received my Part 107 plus have insurance in order and have my first commercial project at hand in very steep terrain and need to be relatively precise in my launch and “return to home” spots. Not seeing that as an seperate adjustment from the Simulator. I see Starting Point but the “Launch Site” is in the middle of the Solar Panel Farm I need to inspect. Please share thoughts? Thank you, G…btw: Flying an Inspire 1 with FLIR Camera.

You can take off from any where that you deem safe. That will also be recorded as the return to home location. I’ve started a few hundred feet away from my project area so that I know it will be safe take off and land, and also to make sure my vehicle isn’t in the map.

When you take off it will ascend to mission altitude you have set then head towards the start point. When coming back it will go to your return to home height set in the DJI app, so make sure that is high enough to clear any obstacles.

Don’t forget that the further away you start the more battery it will take.

Thank you and that is good advice. I tried a tricky set-up about an hour ago and all went as planned with exactly as you’ve outlined. So all is good and I thank you gain for the input and good advice…G

Another success story! LOVE THIS!

What if in a certain time of the flight, my remote control miss contact with my drone (Mavic Pro), will it continue its mission and return to my home point safely?