Adjusting camera angle Phantom 4 pro

Hi there,

my question:
How can i adjust the camera angle of a DJI Phantom 4 pro with drone deploy. To create a 3D model I would like to fly with 3 different an fixed (vertically from above, then two offsets by 15 degrees) camera angles around a object.

I do that in the DJI GO 4 app. Either fly around manually or use the POI feature. You don’t need the Drone Deploy app for obliques like that.

I always want to make the same flight around the object with fixed angle values. This is possible with DJI Go app? Can you tell me with what function please? POI??

You may have to write down your radius, altitude and camera angles, but the POI should work.

I’m a newbie but there is a Point of Interest function or selection you can choose. POI = Point of Interest. It’s a great feature and fairly easy to use. Like someone said you will want to note your inputs. Radius. Speed. Height. I’ve found guessing works with tests. View video later and see if it worked. Depending on POI and parameters you set you will most likely have to adjust.

Hope that helps and I hope I wasn’t using incorrect or odd terms??

Oh. The radius threw me. Since you are warned if too small. And I forgot radius was increased or decreased with stick on controller. And then you can set others and start.

A slider to adjust the camera angle would be very valuable. Even simple presets - 15, 30, 45 etc would be very useful and allow the entire mission to be flown under DD control. I usually use Litchi, but this is such a simple change for DD to add when doing any kind of 3D work.