Adjustable Starting Waypoint


This has been a topic for quite some time now starting with the linear flight app as it is the worst case, but can we please look into the ability to adjust the starting waypoint? The ideal situation is obviously to start and stop from where you take off, but it is not always feasible to takeoff from a position that is efficient to start at one corner and end at the opposite side of the job. A good beginning would be having the ability to start at any of the waypoints and have the mission wrap around to capture the waypoints previous to that. From there we can look into custom waypoint flight plans.


@MichaelL Starting waypoint adjust has been in ‘Advanced’ for some time now.


correct, but we are talking about is being able to start at anyway point including the middle of the job and then having the flight wrap around to the point previous to that starting point.


Understand, thank you for clarifying. I do see a time efficiency increase by not having to reset the flight. Are there any other use cases or improvements that you’d expect from this feature that I might not be considering? That way, I’ve got the best ammo to bring to product! :grinning:


Roadways. The liner flight app has almost dealt with this condition, but when you are flying a 1 mile roadway and have your operations base in the middle of the job you waste about 5-6 minutes of battery going to one end and then returning from the other. This is the reason I have been using a standard Litchi waypoint mission to travel loop the ROW of the road starting and finishing at me. I think this is a major issue with just about every contractor that does road and brisge work if they want to create efficient flight plans.


You. Are. Awesome. Thank you!! Adding this thread to the next meeting notes for flight.

Linear Flight App

I agree with Michael. The ability to start at any waypoint and have the mission wrap around to completion will save lots of battery depending on the map flown. This is a must have. Thanks!