Additional Plant Health Indices

Any plans to extend the range of plant health indices offered? In particular the RGB index TGI?

Will support for the Parrot Sequoia sensor be added and therefore indices that use the RedEdge band?

Thanks for the suggestions! I haven’t heard of the TGI index before - what’s the primary value you see it driving, and do you have any literature motivating it?

Multispectral is on the roadmap, but I can’t give you a timeline as of yet.

Hey Jono, thanks for the response.

In simple terms TGI seems to be to VARI what NDRE is to NDVI. It’s an RGB chlorophyll assimilation index that seems robust when Leaf Area Index is about 2 or above. Have a look at this -

Traditionally indices with RedEdge in them (like NDRE) have been best for chlorophyll content assessment (and assimilating nitrogen levels), with TGI being the best visible spectrum index for this. In my testing it’s been stacking up well against CCCI and CNI and is easier to collect and process being a single rather than compound index, and only requiring a standard RGB camera.