Additional images to map


I did a 3D mapping of my place from above with high altitude run.
Today I made a new images, closer to the ground and with little angle.

There was no option to add images to my existing map, so I had to create new map (thought it will merge them automatically)

but no, I have 2 separated maps, of same place.
How can I merge those images to I have one 3D map with more details?

I just did a flight little closer and with angle, to get better shots and more details.
Do I need to create new map and again include all images together?
or somehow I can only add images to existing?



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Hi Miroslav,

Have you viewed this yet? Please let me know if it helps.


I did followed this tutorial completly!
I do not have half of this menu that is shown on the tutorial.

This exit beta, drop down menu Map, when adding new images, there are no gray points.

as I already said.
I have added first map, only pictures from above, later on I did new pictures with details, by hovering aroung building, and taking the angle photos, after I added this photos It put me to completly new map, without including the old pictures.

Hi, so, my next question would be are you running the latest version of DroneDeploy? Which OS are you using? I can ask support the latter and get a clear answer for you.