Adding Overlay with Transparency Control?

Do you have the ability to import another layer (overlay) and then control the transparency of it with a slider when viewing? If so, what subscription do you need for that feature?

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We use overlays on every map and while the majority of them wouldn’t benefit from transparency we definitely have some that would. Right now I create 50% transparent maps in a graphics editor.

Hi @consultant,

We have a couple support docs that talk about importing and exporting overlays and which files are supported:

  1. Overlaying DXF Contours in AutoCAD Civil 3D
  2. Overlay CAD Files with DroneDeploy This is our only import overlay feature.
  3. Overlaying Contours in ArcGIS
  4. Overlaying Contours in QGIS
  5. Overlaying SHP Contours in AutoCAD Civil 3D


The application is roof inspection where you have a thermal image of the roof and a normal RGB image. The optimal/preferred way a roof tech or insurance company like to use digital imagery in that case is to scroll around the roof (this is like a 50,000 square ft warehouse roof, not a 3-bedroom home, mind you) and look for abnormalities in the thermal image possible indicating some type of defect or damage causing a cooling or heating leak. But then they want to immediately switch to the RGB view and zoom in to see what that section of the roof actually looks like in detail.

So a switch to toggle the layer off and on, or a transparency slider is needed to switch between them. Doing a 50% transparency image in a graphics editor and uploading it doesn’t cut it.

Hi @consultant,

I’m sorry to report that we don’t have this feature available at the moment. However, I’ll note it and pass it along to our team as a feature request.


Hi Christina, I noticed some of the links in your Mar -18 response are now inactive. Is it safe to assume some of those features are not available at the moment? We’re particularly interested in overlaying CAD files, Contours in QGIS, etc with DD.

Thank you in advance for your time.


Overlays are available to Business and Enterprise customers.