Adding file links to annotations?

Is there any way to add a file link to an annotation? I’d like to add a video flight, and/or detail photos, of a specific area to the annotation point. Would require the ability to add a link to a shared file on Box, Dropbox, etc.

Want to build a report for a field with detail research of problem areas. Linkage from the annotation point to the detail files would be needed.


You can upload photos and they will show in the correct spot on the map if they are geotagged. If not you can geotag them in Geosetter. You can also create an issue to put in notes.

Video will show on the map where the start was. You can also define the scope of the pictures and video in the “Report” feature. If you select “Upload” then “New Upload” then “Create a Report”. You can then download the PDF and include it with links to the material.

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