Adding a laanc authorization code to a map

I was unable to use Airbus UTM and also Airmap to get the laanc authorization but was able to get a code and authorization from Aloft. How do I input this into my map program? Under the airspace & LAANC has a yellow circle and basically says I can’t fly without the approval. Which I do have the approval but not via the Airbus UTM. Is there a way to input this into that are of DroneDeploy?

What’s the airspace? I have seen a few more reports of being able to unlock and take-off in DJI but DroneDeploy not proceeding. Does yours? It sounds like you did everything right and it is supposed to be DJI controlling the status so DroneDeploy shouldn’t be making any changes to allow or disallow. It is supposed to just follow DJI’s lead.


Class D. I fly tomorrow so not sure if DroneDeploy will let me fly or not. I will see what happens.
Thank you for the reply. I had thought that DJI controls the drone and DroneDeploy just follows but wasn’t sure.

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Like I said I have seen a few reports but personally haven’t experienced it. We fly primarily C/D/E and I was able to fly in a zero grid in a D last week. I think i’ll go ahead and hunt them down and consolidate a new thread.