Add an email recipient after the export has processed?

I’d like to add another recipient to a finished export product. I don’t see a way to do that other than starting another processing job and add him to that list. I hate to load up the processing engine with repeat work but would also rather avoid loading my copy of the map up to Dropbox and sending a link to the new user.

Is there a way to send an existing map export to a new email address?

Have you tried forwarding your email that was sent when the export was complete? Remember the export is only available for 30 days. If it has been longer then you would have to re-export the view.

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What plan are you on? Have you added them to the project team? They will then get the notifications and view the project as it progresses. You will have to generate the exports, but they should be able to download them. The literature says that all plans can share links, but that does not mean they can download exports (to me)…

We are working on a better naming convention for the exports because it can get pretty messy when downloading different projections at different resolutions…

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EDIT to my previous post. It looks like only the Enterprise plan can setup auto notifications to other users. You will need to manually forward the notifications.

Another item being worked on for you Enterprise users is the ability to have one Publish button to rule them all so that your users are not getting spammed by every ortho, pano, video and export notification.

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I’m on the Business plan. GregO’s recommendation to forward my own email with the link is painfully obvious and easy. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it. Nice! Thanks All… R


A clarification for others out there that in this scenario the client/etc cannot start there own exports. You will need to export all the data needed and give them time to process before the client will have access to download them.

Also it’s a direct link to that one export, they won’t be able to see the others unless they have those direct links.

If you know ahead of time you can add a email during the export process, it’s will show a list of email addresses that will be sent email once the export is complete.


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