Add ability to see square footage instead of Acres

Many times when I map a property with buildings, such as shopping centers or schools, I feature the Area tool to point out the size of a particular section of roof, or a baseball field, etc. But what I really want to show the customer is what the square footage is of that area. For now I’ve been having to Google a “acres vs square feet” calculation tool to get that answer.

Would it be possible to add that to the Area tool where it either shows both measurements, or at least being able to toggle between the two?

Thank you.


Hi @TXWhirlyBird,

I did some research and wasn’t able to find any apps in our App Market that would allow you to do this since it’s currently not a feature in our product. I’ve forwarded the request to the appropriate team member and he agreed it’s a great feature request. Thanks for sharing it with us! Hopefully it will be an actual feature at some point. :slight_smile:


Came across this while searching for the same feature. For the construction industry, we seldom work with acres, so for annotating slab areas, roof deck, etc. we really need to show area in square feet, not acres.

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Needs to be an option both globally and per annontation. We have use for both so your default is one, but you have the option to select the other.

I would love to see the ability to choose acres and/or sq.ft. as the area measurement units so my report is consistent and there is no need to convert from one to another.