Add abiiity to Upload from tablet/phone app


Unless I’m not seeing an option properly, having the option to upload using the app would be quite useful, all I see is the notification to get on a “desktop” to perform upoloads, even though the Upload link exists in the app. Both Android and IOS have options to import images from a card, if you have the appropriate card reader and cable, it would be nice to be able to do this on the same device that I use for running the maps.


Hi @skadee1,

This is a pretty common feature request so we are aware of the demand. I suggest taking a look at How to Process Datasets as well to see how our upload process works.



Apple does not support reading from an SD card reader except from one of their apps such as iPhotos or an app that was written and approved for use with that specific SD card reader (usually the manufacturer).

If you make a smaller map though, you do have the ability to download the photos at the end of your mission from the mission success screen.


Apple DOES allow reading from an SD card, I do it all the time, with an adapter. I can upload all my images to my photo album, but I can’t select photos from my photo album with DD, there’s just no option to upload with DD itself, or from a browser window on the ipad, I’m assuming that it recognizes that I’m on a mobile device and disables the function.

It’s a bit clunky to upload all images to the ipad first, but Apple has always wanted users to do things they way THEY think is best, not neceessarily the most efficient way. Cheers


Yes, apple can read with their own apps from an adapter. In order for a 3rd party to do that they need to have an app and an apple approved adapter for use with that specific app.


So is that the official DroneDeploy response to the request?

I’m a bit surprised that after a month, no acknowledgement that this request would be considered, since there IS a method for getting images to an IOS device, AND there’s means to getting images into an Android device, but NO means of uploading to DD from either of these devices.


Hi @skadee1,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with @chasemgray’s answer, but we currently don’t have any news or updates to share on whether or not this will be supported down the road. Though, we have noted this feature request. If anything changes, there will be announcements.



I vote for this as well.


And me. Please make this available.

Presumably it’s not yet available due to the 2-pass requirement to upload ie. initial selection to produce blue dots followed by the final upload which I’m guessing isn’t supported by Android or iOS?

Needs to happen though.