Actual scale OBJ file export?

Whenever I download the OBJ file format the scale of the model is set in millimeters and is incredibly small compared to the scanned site and is not of any scale that i could recognize. Is there any way to guarantee the model I am downloading is actual size?
I am working in 3D Rhino and and need these OBJ to be to scale for creating contour maps and 3D printing purposes.

BTW if the folks at dronedeploy could get a feature that exports dwg/dfx contour data that would be KICK!

thank you

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Hi @Eric_Arneson - The 3D model is not currently georeferenced (it’s set in a model-local coordinate system- more information here). We do plan to revisit contours later on. I’ll be sure and note your request on dwg/dfx export formats for our product team. Thanks for your feedback!


Can I ask why OBJ files are not georeferenced? Is it planned to be able to export with a georeference? Even in the Enterprise plan?

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OBJ files are traditionally a simple data format that represents the 3D geometry alone and are used more for relative analysis and aesthetics than anything. Most people that need to use the 3D data for purposes that would require correct georeferencing are using either a CAD file or the point cloud. The main problem with the OBJ is that they are always decimated and not as accurate as the raw values of a point cloud. This isn’t to say that an OBJ can’t be georeferenced, but besides conceptual use there’s really no need for it.