ACDSee/Lightroom & Large Files


Anyone have experience with ACDSee and 1GB+ TIFFs?
Have issues on my end.
Either AC won’t open them, or very slow, or just displays black page, in edit mode, until you hit a menu item.
Also, LR won’t import them into the DB, just comes back with an allocation error.

Any tips gratefully received.


If it’s a large orthomosaic then it’s mostly the dimensional size in ACDSee. I experienced the same thing with the black screen for this reason. I’ve tried Lightroom and also experience the same thing where it can’t allocate enough memory to store the file.


Yes, they are.

Does LR Classic or latest ACDSee cope better?

Otherwise any good tips for tiled image SOP?



I think they are pretty similar except for the fact that LR crashes and ACDSee is just slow. I am a bigger fan of ACDSee because of their developing tool and the batch processing options. I process about 300 photos in about 15 minutes with little interaction from me. What are you trying to do with the orthos?

Cheers Michael,

ACDSee crashes a lot for me, but then it always has.
Also, doesn’t LR do batch processing? Think it does.
The big orthos it’s just colour correction, basic stuff. Can do it in PS, but pref LR coz I can use MIDI control for the processing.

What are you doing when ACDSee crashes. What version/product are you using? You are correct that LR batch processes, but I personally like the interface and adjustability better on ACDS. Have you heard of GIMP? A free software kind of like light PS. Seems to handle big files fairly well and has basica color correction.